How Pat Flynn Saved 76.5% Of His Failed Payment Plan Customers
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"Payment Saver recovered over 70% of my failed payments from my online course. This is something I recommend to anyone collecting multiple payments for their product. You’d be silly not to use it!"
Pat Flynn
Amy Porterfield
"I love my customers 😍 AND visible results. That's why we use Payment Saver. They treat our customers with dignity and at the same time they increased our failed payment recovery rate from 33% to 79.89% on average. A lot of companies make promises but Payment Saver show their results clearly and consistently. I wholeheartedly recommend Payment Saver for any business with payment plans or subscriptions."
"Payment Saver is a life saver. Six months ago, I had no idea how much money we were losing from canceled payments. I didn't even know what a customer was worth to my company. Now, I have the clarity I need to grow my business with confidence that the payments are actually going to come in, all while saving thousands of dollars a month, thanks to Payment Saver."
Jeff Goins
Jeff Goins
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